Collection: Gator Pickleball Club

This collection for me is where it all started. It stemmed from an idea that I have had since my first pickleball tournament - designing and wearing my own brand of clothing and accessories on the court.

In 2019 I made my first hat; that thing looked ugly as hell if we're being honest, and it truly was a nightmare to sweat in.  Since that time I have gone through many iterations of the items in this collection in order to put forward gear that I know can perform well on the court. I have truly put my heart and soul into this and I hope with every point, rally, match, and tournament, you can feel that, and feel good. 

My on court essentials are the following:

Hat: G Foam Trucker in Blue or Black

Shirt: The Gator Tourney Shirt '23 in Heather Gray or Maroon

Sweatshirt: El Primo Crewneck in Black

Warmup: The Embroidered Champion Pullover in Black



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